Hey there,

I am a social entrepreneur from Mongolia who has started my own company in 2014 called Natural Essentials which launched "LHAMOUR", Mongolia's first organic skincare brand. 

It has been a crazy rollercoaster and I got a lot of requests of blogging, so here it is..... Welcome to my blog :) 

Dreaming or not dreaming about being an entrepreneur?

Thought of the day:

I think I always dreamt of one day starting my own thing. Or not really. Or everyone does anyways someday in their life.....I guess?!

After all thought, I think I never really imagined to ever become an entrepreneur because I am not from an entrepreneur family and because at one point when you are still at university or fresh out of school, it is all about a stable position, a reputable company and a good salary and mostly we choose from companies we actually just got accepted to. Many of us get their dream jobs and many of us really just want stability in life to start off with just doing something not-too-bad. My dream was to stay in the States, marry my boyfriend, have some good job at a great company and live happily ever after......  

I actually moved to Mongolia because of a great job offer that I just couldn't refuse at that time. Your first jobs can be really life-changing as it was for me, for the better or worse is to be questioned, but that actual first committed job is always something heavy on the heart......... As you move along your career, it is very important to realise that all the decisions and experiences actually do not necessarily have to be good or bad, but shape you for who you really are and what you want.......................................

So, actually I never dreamt of or wished to be an entrepreneur per se but gradually learnt about myself that that is what I was striving for......... Throughout my career in various companies, I learnt to understand my own passion and what I would have done when I had the chance to actually pursue my own path in my own way.

And now, I am sitting here on a friday at 19:25pm, working on my final emails and updates from my Hong Kong trip........ finally at a stage where I am not lost internally but where I have found my path. Whether that path will be successful or not is now really up to me. And that makes it both frightening and exciting at the same time....... And it is funny to believe that a year ago, I would have never dreamt of being here at this stage, doing what I am doing. 

So, regarding the question that everyone asks me "did you always know you will become an entrepreneur?"......actually no. I didn't even dream of it.

Have a happy weekend everyone......and I want to end with a Peter Drucker quote.


The best way to predict the future is to create it
— Peter Drucker

Theft, frustration, anger and videos.......

Go and pursue your dreams.......Only the sky is the limit!