Hey there,

I am a social entrepreneur from Mongolia who has started my own company in 2014 called Natural Essentials which launched "LHAMOUR", Mongolia's first organic skincare brand. 

It has been a crazy rollercoaster and I got a lot of requests of blogging, so here it is..... Welcome to my blog :) 

My start to organic skincare.......

I have never been the girly type. I do not put any make-up, barely use much creme and rarely go to any facial spa salons. I have used Bebe creme since forever and when I moved to New York I started using Shiseido products, as they really fit me and as I finally wanted to use womanly products too. The air in New York is nice for the skin and the food was good as well, so either way it seemed like the skin was always glowing. 

I moved back to Mongolia in 2012 and soon my skin started to feel very different. Mongolia is quite dry and since I was living alone and not eating healthy nor exercising, my skin started to become very dried out and I could feel that something needs to be done. Mistakingly I went to facial spas in order to seek for professional help but every time my face was just left all red as soon I went out and I realised my skin was just too sensitive towards harsh treatments. 

I started wondering what is happening and started to research about the skin. I looked into more natural products and began to order some from Germany. I especially loved Dr.Hauschka and the moisturising serums. It felt much better and my skin was becoming as soft as it had been before. So, I figured that the combination of diet, climate, stress and usage of products was really the key. Using natural products, starting a better diet ultimately seemed to level out exterior effects such as climate conditions and work stress. So, I did start to seriously be amazed by the effects of natural skincare products. 

I researched a bit more and starting taking the organic skincare course at Formula Botanica, the most acknowledged online course out there. The more I researched about the subject, the more fascinated I became and the courses were so easy to understand that I just couldn't stop wanting to learn everything about it. So, I spent every day digging into all aspects of natural skincare and suddenly started asking myself "Why not make it myself in Mongolia".

Everyone talks about Mongolia’s natural resources and the country’s mining boom and its potential development growth. But no one talks about Mongolia’s resources being rich for usage on the skin. The country’s vast landscape full of herbs, fruits and plants are just like gold for the skin. 

This richness and rawness makes it perfect for plants to grow in the healthiest conditions just as nature allows. Using this uniqueness to nourish and care for our skin creates a solution to our skin’s needs, starting with my own.

So, what started as a question.....slowly but surely turned into reality and I established my start-up called Natural Essentials LLC..............

Go and pursue your dreams.......Only the sky is the limit!

Happy birthday UB city!

Happy birthday UB city!