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I am a social entrepreneur from Mongolia who has started my own company in 2014 called Natural Essentials which launched "LHAMOUR", Mongolia's first organic skincare brand. 

It has been a crazy rollercoaster and I got a lot of requests of blogging, so here it is..... Welcome to my blog :) 

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Hong Kong 2014

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Hong Kong 2014

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit 2014 HK

So, as a young entrepreneur totally new to the field of skincare, it was really amazing to find out about the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, which has 3 divisions and takes place in Hong Kong, Paris and New York. As soon as I heard about the one taking place in Hong Kong, I had to go. Besides the fact that Mongolia is getting colder and colder and that I was completely stressed out lately with random problems, it was a perfect way to step outside the smaller things and get a grasp of the really big picture. 

The main organiser is Organic Monitor, and they did a great work with all the logistics and details.  Organic Monitor is a specialist research, consulting & training company that focuses on global sustainable product industries. You can find detailed information about the summit here: 

The summit really gave me amazing insight and I had the opportunity to talk to leaders such as Kurt Nuebling, CEO and Founder of Primavera, Annabelle Baker from Lush Asia, Mayo Baba, Managing Director of ECOCERT Japan and listen to speeches about topics including environmental impact of products, challenges of preservatives and what companies who are well established are doing to solve all these. It was also very interesting to find out about totally new things like Agarwood and Tea Tree and hear the amazing story of Apivita, the most well established Greek organic cosmetic company dating back to 1950s. 

The 2 day summit was really a fresh break from the daily work and gave you much insight into the organic skincare community as a whole and also gave you the opportunity to connect with like-minded people sharing the same vision and same goals as well as same challenges. It was a really worthwhile trip and knowing that all these people from all over the world connect over one vision of sustainability, really gave me the feeling that I am on the right track.

As Kurt mentioned in his presentation below, it really gave me the feeling of not being alone. 

If we think we are „lonely warriors for sustainability“ the feeling to be connected with people from all over the world who share the same goal is helping and supporting us. The same goal is standing for commitment for a healthy, fair and happy future
— Kurt Nuebling, CEO and Founder of Primavera (Germany)




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