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I am a social entrepreneur from Mongolia who has started my own company in 2014 called Natural Essentials which launched "LHAMOUR", Mongolia's first organic skincare brand. 

It has been a crazy rollercoaster and I got a lot of requests of blogging, so here it is..... Welcome to my blog :) 

Happy birthday UB city!

Happy birthday UB city!

Found this photo of UB back in the days 

Today is the birthday of Ulaanbaatar - the capital of Mongolia. And I would like to start my blog exactly on this day. It has been 375 years since the foundation of where we are living now. 

For those who live in UB, everyone knows how crazy hectic, packed, polluted and dusty and overwhelming it can be. Yet there is no escape and we simply cannot stop loving this city since it is our city, with all its ups and downs. 

It symbolises our path to democracy and freedom, the strength of the people....shows the culture and history of the country. In the year 1639, when Zanabazar was being declared as the head of the buddhist religion in a place called "Shireet Nuur" or "Shireet" lake and was being built a castle. The castle at that time was the centre of the buddhist religion and the centre of the government of the Mongolians at that time. It was also a centre for foreign trade and soon become a hub for international relations. The city was initially named "Urgoo". 

The actual name "Ulaanbaatar" means Red Hero and was given right after the proclamation of the Mongolian People's republic on Oct 29, 1924. 

Our city has currently over 1 million residents and is becoming very diverse both in terms of Mongolians from the city and the countryside as well as expats living and working here. It is quite amazing to view the contrasts between newly built skyscrapers with Luis Vuitton advertisements showing the latest trends in fashion and in the background the dust arising from the "Ger" districts. 

The city is changing and developing within a blink of the eye and I will definitely keep you posted with amazing pictures and worthwhile blog posts. 

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