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The idea to write this blog started with the overwhelming interest and support from many people to share my journey of entrepreneurship in Mongolia and the evolution of my organic skincare start-up. Many people were asking questions like "How does it feel to be an entrepreneur....Is it difficult in Mongolia to start a business..... How does it feel to do something totally new and away from your comfort zone?" So, I thought that it might be useful for others.....young women.....young entrepreneurs.....people from developing countries....people from various backgrounds......to hear an honest approach and possibly share with each other our challenges and stories along the journey. Many times I feel hopeless and want to give up, but somehow I just want to give my best and see my vision one day realised. And I am sure that many feel hopeless sometimes too. So, sharing our stories might bring a little light to others who are in similar situations. 

As you grow older, some answers you had a while ago seem irrelevant as the thoughts you accumulate sharpen your mind and the experiences you have each day question your beliefs of yesterday.  I come from Mongolia, have grown up in Germany, have studied in Switzerland and France and have completed my Masters in the United States, finding myself back to where it all started....Mongolia. 

The many things that you see along the way, the many people you meet and the many different points of views that you discover around you shape you for who you are.... Strangely, on the path to finding yourself and searching from the pieces you stumbled upon and took with you along your past journey.... it seems terribly difficult to really find an answer on where you truly belong to. Maybe exactly these kinds of people, who seem lost yet create their own path....are the curious ones, the dreamy ones, the soulful ones..... the hopeful ones...... This blog creates a platform to organise thoughts and share them with others, with the hope that there are many likeminded people also searching for answers. On the other hand, there is a great wish to show my beautiful home country the way I see it and to share it with those who have never even heard of Mongolia - the land of the blue sky as well as sharing thoughts that I gain on entrepreneurship along the way.......

So, thanks for visiting......be my guest and welcome to my blog.